A downloadable tool for Windows

With this tool you can generate minimalistic 4-color palette.

I tried to make it with hue, saturation and value shifting and many of generated palettes looks nice to me.

Play button is for generating palette every 2 secs. You can save palettes and they will be in dir with program.

I made this tool in Godot for PROCJAM - The Procedural Generation Jam.

AuthorBurnt Robot


palettegen9000_x32.zip 9 MB
palettegen9000_x64.zip 10 MB


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I really like this program! It could be a jam in its own right - '4-colour game jam', where you can only use a palette generated by this program. I'm still not sure what the 'mono' button does, does it just make the palette generate with a single colour? Nice one

Thanks for reply! Mono button is for monochrome color pallete. Palettes in drawing (pixel art espesially) tends to be minimalistic and i think it must so. It's like resolution restriction in old consoles and LowResJam.