A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

-+-+- Русский -+-+-

Эта игра была сделана для Еженедельного Игрового Конкурса - Неделя 100. Если хотите попробовать её - GL и HF!

P.S.: Пожалуйста свяжитесь со мной, если найдете баги или проблемы!

-+-+- English -+-+-

This game was made for Weekly Game Jam - Week 100. If you want to try it - GL and HF!

P.S.: Please contact me if you find any bugs or problems!


100_butterflies_Win_x86.zip.zip 16 MB
100_butterflies_Win_x64.zip.zip 17 MB
100_butterflies_MacOSX.zip 19 MB


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Fun little game, liked the animations and simple sprites. Got a little boring after the first 30 or so though, if the game sped up a bit that would be great.

Can't fathom why the game is 70 mb though, that seems absurdly large for something like this.

Thank you for your response!) I tried to speed it up, but it was in the end and was a massive difficulty masure.)) And you notice funy thing about size. I usualy don't minded that, thanks again for the tip!